Lamar Briggs finds the inspiration for his art in landscapes and seascapes – the play of light and shadow in the desert, under the sea, in the continually changing wind of the sky. Even with images derived from plant forms of feathers in a Hopi ceremonial dance, what interests Briggs is not so much the objects themselves but the way their forms relate to the land and sky. His techniques are derived from painting with acrylic paint, mixed with hot water, onto prinmed canvas, tiltling the canvas to direct the flow and movement of the paint. After the first series of colors was applied, additional glazes of acrylic were poured, each layer becoming progressivly more opaque. The reult is and exciting range of brilliant and muted layer of color, set off by the pure background Statement: “I’m very good at remembering colors and at expressing different emotions and moods through color. I will occasionally make sketches, but all of my work is done from memory – my memory of the difference in light and structure at various times of the day. The work is very spontaneous, emotional and spiritual. My art is really just a very loving experience, and I work very hard at it. It is basically simple, so simple that people have trouble when they to explain it in words” Additional Information: Born: 1935 Birthplace: Lafayatte, Louisiana