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Alice Neel in front of paintings

Alice Neel Documentary Film 1978

Providing a brief biographical sketch from her early marriage and the Great Depression through her later years in Spanish Harlem, the film also shows Alice Neel at work on a portrait of Lucille Rhodes, who co-directed with Margaret Murphy. Excerpted from Rhodes and Murphy’s “They Are Their Own Gifts” (1978), a triptych of “film portraits” about women artists that also includes chapters on the poet and activist Muriel Rukeyser as well as the dancer and choreographer Anna Sokolow. Cinematography by the legendary Babette Mangolte.

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Mark Sabin Portfolio

Mark Sabin Born in New York City and raised in Florida, Mark Sabin has produced paintings that embody a synthesis of the primitive and the

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Watercolor painting

Sorel Etrog Biography

Sorel Etrog artist, writer, philosopher (born 29 August 1933 in Laşi, Romania; died 26 February 2014 in Toronto, Ontario). For more than half a century, Sorel

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Gustav Likan Cafe in Paris624

Gustav Likan

Gustav Likan, a painter from Yugoslavia, hasn`t been around Chicago much since the day in 1967 when the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts fired him

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Harvey Daniels Vintage 60s Pop Art

Biography 1936 – 2013 While never being a pop-artist exactly, his engagement with the banal image and its bold, bright presentation continued long into the

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