About The Artist: Charles Bragg is indeed a modern-day master of satire, whose career began in the early 1950’s and has to date produced over 350 etchings, the most noted being his series devoted to the medical and legal professions. Bragg’s genius for poking fun at a variety of professions through classical renditions of idiosyncratic characters has given critics reason to equate his talent with that of such great satirists as Daumier, Hogarth and Bosch. His lighthearted social commentary indicates both a keen perception of the human condition and an astute observation of contemporary times. Viewing his work, we are drawn into a world of zany characters whose exaggerated gestures and Freudian mannerisms reveal their innermost soul. Laying bare their fears, trust and curiosity, Bragg’s characters invoke a complex mixture of emotions from tragic tears to comic laughter. Meticulous depiction of human frailities – pompous attorneys, unrelenting judges, infantile pediatricians, lascivious plastic surgeons – threads through all his work. His satirical commentary runs the gamut from law and medicine to business and politics, social and sexual situations, sports and biblical figures, even the animal kingdom. Nothing escapes the artist’s penetrating eye. He never fails to point out that the world is filled with great irony and that things are often not as they appear. As Bragg himself comments, “The world is off center and we each perceive it from our egocentric point of view. It’s just a strange and wondrous thing with little rhyme or reason. It’s all there for the watching.”

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