Lamar Briggs Unidentified Signed Limited Edition Lithograph 1979


Artist Name: Lamar Briggs

Title: Exploring the Unseen: Lamar Briggs’ Unidentified – A Signed Limited Edition Lithograph from 1979.

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Lamar Briggs’ artistic expression with “Unidentified” – a signed limited edition lithograph from 1979. Known for finding inspiration in landscapes and seascapes, Briggs captures the interplay of light and shadow in various natural environments, be it the desert, the depths of the sea, or the ever-changing winds of the sky. While his subject matter may range from plant forms to feathers in a Hopi ceremonial dance, Briggs is primarily intrigued by the way these forms relate to the land and the sky.

Briggs employs a unique technique in his artwork, utilizing acrylic paint mixed with hot water on primed canvas. By tilting the canvas, he directs the flow and movement of the paint, allowing it to organically take shape. Layer by layer, he applies additional glazes of acrylic, each one progressively more opaque. The result is a dynamic range of brilliant and muted colors, creating a visually captivating composition that is accentuated by the pure background.

“Unidentified” invites viewers to explore the unseen, encouraging them to contemplate the harmonious relationship between natural forms and their surroundings. Through his distinctive approach, Briggs captures the essence of the ever-changing beauty found in the world around us.

Experience the captivating allure of Lamar Briggs’ artistry with this signed limited edition lithograph, as it transports you to a world where colors and forms merge, inviting you to appreciate the enchanting connection between the land, the sky, and the unseen.

Year:  1979

Medium Type: Lithograph on Arches Paper

Size-Width | Size-Height: 30” x 22”

Signed | Edition Size:  Signed in pencil and marked | 93/200

Unframed in Very Good Condition.

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Lamar Briggs finds the inspiration for his art in landscapes and seascapes – the play of light and shadow in the desert, under the sea, in the continually changing wind of the sky. Even with images derived from plant forms of feathers in a Hopi ceremonial dance, what interests Briggs is not so much the objects themselves but the way their forms relate to the land and sky.

His techniques are derived from painting with acrylic paint, mixed with hot water, onto prinmed canvas, tiltling the canvas to direct the flow and movement of the paint. After the first series of colors was applied, additional glazes of acrylic were poured, each layer becoming progressivly more opaque. The reult is and exciting range of brilliant and muted layer of color, set off by the pure background.

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Lamar Briggs Unidentified Signed Limited Edition Lithograph 1979

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Lithograph on Arches Paper


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