Lamar Briggs

Lamar Briggs Spirit art on wallsLamar Briggs is an artist who finds inspiration in the natural world, particularly landscapes and seascapes. His art aims to portray the interaction of light and shadow in the desert, the sea, and the sky, as well as to investigate how natural forms interact with their surroundings. Even when showing plant forms or feathers in a Hopi ceremonial dance, Briggs is more concerned with how their shapes interact with the world around them.

Briggs’ distinct techniques entail applying acrylic paint mixed with hot water on prepared canvas while tilting and guiding the flow and movement of the paint. Following the application of the initial color layer, more acrylic glazes are poured, with each layer becoming increasingly more opaque. As a consequence, the pristine backdrop contrasts with a dynamic and intriguing variety of colorful and subdued hues.

Briggs’ paintings capture the beauty and brightness of the natural world via his use of color and movement. His work is a monument to the earth’s strength and grandeur, capturing the spirit of the environment around us in all of its forms. 

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