Frank Martin Myrra 1969 Signed Limited Edition Woodcut Print


Artist Name: Frank Martin

Title: Frank Martin: Myrra 1969 Signed Limited Edition Woodcut Print. “Myrra” is a captivating signed limited edition woodcut print created by Frank Martin in 1969. Martin was known for his commercial art, particularly in the realm of illustration and decorative art, during a flourishing period of publishing, journalism, and advertising in Britain. He proudly referred to himself as a jobbing artist, showcasing his technical versatility and skill. His success was evident through the numerous one-man shows he held in the 1970s, and he was also recognized as one of the longest-serving illustrators for the Folio Society. Frank Martin’s ability to combine technical skill with a lighthearted and affectionate approach sets him apart as a unique artist. Through his commercial art, he left a lasting impression on the publishing and advertising industry, while also expressing his artistic vision through personal creations like “Myrra.”

Year: 1969

Medium Type: woodcut

Size-Width | Size-Height: 21″ x 33″

Signed | Edition Size: Signed in pencil, titled and marked | 13/30

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Most of Frank Martin’s output was commercial in a purposeful way. At a time when illustrative and decorative art in Britain flourished in publishing, journalism and advertising, he proudly called himself a jobbing artist and no one could deny the technical range of his accomplishments. It is a measure of his success that in the 1970s he held no fewer than 11 one-man shows. He was also one of the longest-serving illustrators for the Folio Society.

Martins work often had a playful quality. The sidelong glances, ripped bodices and cartoonish features (sometimes practically asking for speech bubbles) were all indications that he did not want to be taken solemnly. Naked girls were undoubtedly his favourite subjects, and he drew, painted, etched and engraved them repeatedly. He was a confident draughtsman, using strong shapes and swaggering lines full of movement. His images are straightforward, clear and affectionate

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Frank Martin Myrra 1969 Signed Limited Edition Woodcut Print

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