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Watercolor painting

Sorel Etrog Biography

Sorel Etrog artist, writer, philosopher (born 29 August 1933 in Laşi, Romania; died 26 February 2014 in Toronto, Ontario). For more than half a century, Sorel

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Gustav Likan Cafe in Paris624

Gustav Likan

Gustav Likan, a painter from Yugoslavia, hasn`t been around Chicago much since the day in 1967 when the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts fired him

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Op Art

Op art, short for Optical Art, consists of works that feature optical effects especially optical illusions. For instance, some of the paintings of Bridget Riley

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Hard Edge Prints

“Abstract Classicist painting is hard-edged painting. Forms are finite, flat, rimmed by a hard, clean edge. These forms are not intended to evoke in the

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