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Tito Salomoni Catch A Star 1980 Signed Lithograph on Arches Archival Paper

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Tito Salomoni
Catch A Star – 1980
Print – Lithograph on Arches Archival Paper 30” x 22”
Edition: signed in pencil and marked 141/200
image size = 21.5″ x 17.0″

unframed in Excellent Condition

Tito Salomoni devoted himself to surrealism for more than twenty years begining in 1968. He succeeds through the effectiveness of his colors as well as through the dream-like imagination which is the characteristic element of surrealist painting.

The work of Salomoni takes the shape of a charade and the spectator is given the task of finding the answer. The artist, for his part, seeks and nearly always succeeds to see inside objects, beyond walls, fabrics, beyond the very bone structure of men to extract from them the essence, the thoughts, in a counterplay of illusion, pregnant with meaning.

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