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Thomas McKnight Clinton 1994 White House Holiday Card Framed


Thomas McKnight

White House (Red Room)

Clinton 1994 White House Holiday Card

Frame Size 17″1/4 x 17″3/4
Image Size 11 x  8 1/2″

Longtime McKnight fans, the Clintons asked the artist to create an image for the presidential Christmas card in 1994 and again in 1995. His warm home and hearth renderings of the White House Red Room and Blue Room at holiday time have now appeared on half a million cards sent out worldwide from the White House. 

“I try to integrate what is real about a place or thing with its underlying truth its invisible soul,” muses the artist. “In the process I try to create a symbolic reality that can serve as a catalyst for emotions, nostalgia, joy, the sadness of time passing.”

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