Thomas (Kasper) Lenk Series C 1971 Limited Edition Modern Art Silkscreen


Artist Name: Thomas (Kasper) Lenk

Title: Layers of Perception: Thomas (Kasper) Lenk’s Series C 1971 Limited Edition Modern Art Silkscreen. Explore the captivating world of Thomas (Kasper) Lenk, a German sculptor renowned for his innovative and thought-provoking artworks. This limited edition modern art silkscreen from his Series C, created in 1971, invites viewers into a realm of layered perception and artistic exploration.

One of Lenk’s notable creations was a room sculpture showcased at the 1969 Nuremberg Biennale, allowing visitors to physically enter and engage with the artwork. His exceptional talent earned him the representation of Germany, alongside Mack, Phaler, and Uecker, at the prestigious 1970 Venice Biennale.

This limited edition modern art silkscreen from Lenk’s Series C encapsulates the essence of his artistic vision and experimentation. With its intricate layers and unique interplay of materials, the silkscreen invites viewers to delve into a world where perception becomes an integral part of the artwork itself.

Experience the depth and complexity of Lenk’s sculptural concepts through this limited edition silkscreen, a testament to his artistic brilliance and contribution to the modern art movement. It is an opportunity to appreciate Lenk’s ability to challenge traditional artistic boundaries and evoke contemplation in the minds of viewers.

Year: 1971

Medium Type: Silkscreen on Heavy Paper

Size-Width | Size-Height: 26.5” x 26.5”

Signed | Edition Size: signed & numbered in pencil | 13/100

Unframed in Very Good Condition.

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German sculptor, born in Berlin. Moved in 1944 to W-4rttemberg. Studied stone-carving briefly at the Stuttgart Academy. From 1953 worked independently as a sculptor. Began by making very stylized figurative works, then sculptures resembling ruined, burnt-out buildings or landscape forms like stalagmite miniature-mountains growing out of the base. First one-man exhibition at the Galerie Boukes, Wiesbaden, 1958. After a phase in which he combined different materials in one work (glass, metal, concrete, ceramics, wood), he began in 1964 to build his sculptures out of layers of flat metal or wooden plates, combined to produce the illusion of a larger volume. Made for the 1969 Nuremberg Biennale a room sculpture which the visitor could enter. Represented Germany (with Mack, Phaler and Uecker) at the 1970 Venice Biennale.

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Dimensions 38 × 5 × 31 in

Thomas (Kasper) Lenk Series C 1971 Limited Edition Modern Art Silkscreen

Artist Name

Thomas (Kasper) Lenk

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Limited Edition

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Silkscreen on Heavy Paper


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signed & numbered in pencil

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