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Romare Bearden Home to Ithaca 1978 Signed Original Silkscreen


Romare Bearden
Return to Ithica- 1978
Print Silkscreen

Frame Size : 34″ x 26″ Size
Image Size : 24″ x 15″ inches

Edition: Signed in pencil and marked XXXX/LXXV

Framed: White ash, good condition other than minor scuffs.

[Gelburd/Rosenberg, A Graphic Odyssey, b&w illus. fig. 49, p. 64]

In Home to Ithaca, the fourth print of the Odysseus Suite, Bearden added a twist. Homer relates that Odysseus was asleep on the ship’s deck when his vessel sailed into Ithaca’s harbor. But Bearden portrays Odysseus poised triumphantly on the ship’s bow, a shield in one hand and a spear in the other. In creating a black Odyssey—all the figures in the suite are dark skinned—Bearden not only cast Homer’s tale in unconventional terms, he underscored the myth’s universality, such that a “child in Benin or [one] in Louisiana,” in his words, would appreciate its relevancy.

Romare Bearden is regarded as one of America’s master painters and collagists. Bearden is known as an innovator, integrating many techniques to achieve his unique style of collage. His childhood memories and art historical influences are blended and transformed to create an original and exciting narrative on African-American history and the dynamic world of jazz.

He is famous for his collages and assemblages mixed with over-paint, and is highly regarded as one of the century’s most inventive print makers, in a league with Charles White and Jacob Lawrence and in the line of Picasso, Braque and Robert Rauschenberg.

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