Romare Bearden 1979 Signed Limited Edition Lithograph The Conversation


Artist Name: Romare Bearden

Title: Romare Bearden: The Conversation – 1979 Signed Limited Edition Lithograph.

Delve into the captivating world of Romare Bearden, an esteemed master painter and collagist, through his renowned artwork, “The Conversation.” This 1979 signed limited edition lithograph showcases Bearden’s innovative style and his ability to intertwine personal memories, art history, African-American history, and the vibrant world of jazz.

Bearden’s artistic prowess is evident in his mastery of collage, where he seamlessly integrates various techniques to create a unique visual narrative. Through his work, he explores the richness and complexity of African-American culture and history, inviting viewers to engage in conversations about identity, heritage, and the human experience.

“The Conversation” exemplifies Bearden’s talent for blending diverse elements to create a harmonious composition. His use of collages and assemblages, mixed with over-paint, results in a dynamic and layered artwork that invites viewers to explore the intricate details and discover new meanings with each observation.

As one of the 20th century’s most inventive printmakers, Romare Bearden stands alongside the likes of Charles White, Jacob Lawrence, Picasso, Braque, and Robert Rauschenberg. His artwork transcends boundaries and challenges conventions, pushing the boundaries of artistic expression.

With “The Conversation,” Bearden invites us to participate in a visual dialogue that celebrates African-American history, cultural heritage, and the power of music. Experience the depth and richness of Bearden’s artistic vision as he weaves together threads of personal memory, historical references, and the vibrant energy of jazz. Allow yourself to be immersed in the vibrant colors, intricate textures, and thought-provoking imagery that make Romare Bearden’s art a true masterpiece.

Step into the world of Romare Bearden and engage in “The Conversation,” a profound exploration of African-American history, identity, and the universal themes that connect us all. Experience the transformative power of art as Bearden’s unique style and narrative captivate your imagination and inspire meaningful discussions about the human experience.

Year: 1979

Medium Type: Lithograph

Size-Width | Size-Height: 21.5” x 28” 

Signed | Edition Size:  Signed & marked in pencil | HC 5/15

Unframed in Very Good Condition.

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Romare Bearden is regarded as one of America’s master painters and collagists. Bearden is known as an innovator, integrating many techniques to achieve his unique style of collage. His childhood memories and art historical influences are blended and transformed to create an original and exciting narrative on African-American history and the dynamic world of jazz.

He is famous for his collages and assemblages mixed with over-paint, and is highly regarded as one of the century’s most inventive print makers, in a league with Charles White and Jacob Lawrence and in the line of Picasso, Braque and Robert Rauschenberg.

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Romare Bearden 1979 Signed Limited Edition Lithograph The Conversation

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