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Pierre Fernandez Arman ~ GREY MOOD ~ Original Hand Signed Art Silkscreen 1978

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Pierre Fernandez Arman
Grey Mood – 1978
Print – Silkscreen, on grey vellum paper   22” x 30”
Edition: Signed in pencil and marked 59/150

unframed in excellent condition

Henry Martin describes Arman as a ‘…virtuoso assembler and dimantler.’ Utilizing familiar objects, Arman presents them out of their expected context and recombines them in new, provocative ways.

With his diverse “vocabulary” of images and materials, which include such unusual things as rusted saxophones, automobile parts, broken dolls hands, busted violins, permanent press shirts, stainless steel teakettles, and even fresh garbage, Arman creates highly original works which are as interesting intellectually as they are visually.

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