Pierre Alechinsky lino Litho BR Planche V 1970 Art Print Linocut Lithograph


Pierre Alechinsky
Lino Litho BR Planche V
Print – Linocut Lithograph   21.5” x 15.0”
Edition: signed B.A.T.

BON-A-TIRER: When the artist is satisfied with the graphic from the finished plate, he works with his printer to pull one perfect graphic and it is marked “Bon a Tirer,” meaning “good to pull.” The printer then compares each graphic in the edition with the BAT before submitting the graphic to the artist for approval and signature. There is standardly one BAT and usually it becomes the property of the printer or workshop printing the edition.

This work reveals a basic vocabulary of geometric symbols and mysterious icons employed by Alechinsky. His free and confident use of line is coupled with a masterful command of color transitions and relationships along the grid of this composition.

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After completing his studies at the École Nationale des Arts Décoratifs in 1947, Pierre Alechinsky immediately became one of the founders and most active members of the CoBrA group . He began working with other members ‘four-handed’, especially with Appel and Dotremont, producing oil paintings filled with a multitude of small figures; his taste for ironical titles and curved lines was already becoming evident.

After Cobra disbanded, Alechinsky moved to Paris where he studied printmaking and moved in Surrealist circles. His work contains residual figurative motifs, such as goblins, reptiles of every description, volcanoes, and rushing streams. The beasts and geographical elements arouse disquiet as well as smiles of complicity.

The recipient of the Andrew Mellon Prize in 1977, Alechinsky is represented in the collections of sixty-five of the world’s leading museums

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