Philippe Noyer Bill The Boss PIANO PLAYER Signed Limited Edition


Philippe Noyer
…Bill The Boss
Print – Lithograph
Edition: signed in pencil and numbered 198/400


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Philippe Noyer started his painting ateareer in 1943. That same year he met the famous Paris art dealer, Emmanuel David, who promoted world-known “School of Paris” painters from 1943 – 1950. David immediately put Noyer on contract with the prestigious DROUANT-DAVID Gallery of Paris. Parallel to his paintings, which at the time, represented owls wrapped in leaves and round-faced urchins with their pet animals, Philippe Noyer soon became one of the most sought after portraitist of Paris and London high society.

Currently 2,000 of his oil paintings and watercolors are in museums, collections and private collections.

“My paintings are what they appear to be, nothing more, nothing less,” Philippe Noyer

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