Micheal Young 1990 Signed Limited Edition Silkscreen Urban Golfer


Artist Name: Michael Young

Title: Urban Golfer: A Fantastic Journey into Michael Young’s Artistic World.

This signed limited edition silkscreen, created in 1990 by artist Michael Young, invites viewers into a captivating environment of fantasy, romance, and humor. With a passion for art that ignited in his childhood, Young’s formal art training began during his time at art school in Salina, Kansas. He then honed his skills in various architectural art studios, delving into portrait painting and eventually establishing his own studio where he created portraits, murals, and a diverse range of artworks.

In 1978, Young made a pivotal move to New York City, where he continued his artistic development at the renowned Art Student’s League. This prestigious institution has nurtured many of America’s great painters and sculptors. Simultaneously, Young worked as a studio artist for Red Rose Art and Andrew Kolb & Sons Gallery on Madison Avenue, further enriching his artistic experiences and expanding his creative horizons. A pivotal breakthrough came when Young received private instruction from Bill Weltman, a teacher renowned for his expertise in drawing and anatomy, which allowed Young to master the human figure.

“Urban Golfer” transports viewers into a mesmerizing world crafted by Michael Young’s imagination. His artistry entices viewers to step into his vibrant and fantastical scenes, where reality and imagination intertwine. Through a blend of vivid colors, evocative storytelling, and meticulous attention to detail, Young’s artwork captures the essence of his unique artistic vision.

Embark on a journey through Michael Young’s artistic world, where each stroke of the brush reveals a tapestry of emotions and narratives. “Urban Golfer” beckons you to explore the realms of creativity, humor, and wonder that define Young’s extraordinary artistic expression.

Year: 1990

Medium Type: Serigraph, screenprint  

Size-Width | Size-Height: 29.5” x 29.5”

Signed | Edition Size: signed and numbered in pencil | 1/300

Unframed in Very Good Condition.

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“I try to create an environment that entices the viewer to step into it,” says artist Michael Young of his fantastic, romantic and often humorous paintings. Young’s interest in art began as a child, but his formal art training did not begin until Young went to art school in Salina, Kansas. After graduating, Young worked in several architectural art studios and studied portrait painting. He then opened his own studio, painting portraits, murals and many other types of artwork.

Young moved to New York City in 1978, where he studied at the prestigious Art Student’s League, the training ground for so many of America’s great painters and sculptors. At the same time, Young was a studio artist for Red Rose Art and Andrew Kolb & Sons Gallery on Madison Avenue. Young felt he made an artistic breakthrough with his private instruction with Bill Weltman, a teacher of drawing and anatomy classes which enabled Young to master the figure.

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Micheal Young 1990 Signed Limited Edition Silkscreen Urban Golfer

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