Michael Hasted A Song of Praise 1980 Signed Limited Edition Lithograph


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Michael Hasted
A Song of Praise – 1980
Print – Lithograph 23.5” x 18.5”
Edition: signed in pencil and numbered AP
image size = 12.0″ x 16.0″

Great surealist work is typically perplexing, mysterious, familiar, dream-like, ominous and timeless, juxtoposing images from the world and the subconscious. Hasted’s works have a simple haunting beauty that is enigmatic and a delight to view.

Since 1973 Michael Hasted has acheived great aclaim for his surrealist oil paintings. His unique style, which is remeniscient of Magritte and the other great surealists, was featured on many magazines.

“A picture should be looked at, not talked and written about.” states Hasted. “I cannot see how words can say more about a picture than the images it consists of.” A response as enigmatically attractive as is his artwork

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