Mati (Abdul) Klarwein Good Life 1978 Signed Limited Edition Lithograph


Artist Name: Mati  Klarwein

Title: The Artistic Tapestry: Mati (Abdul) Klarwein’s Good Life.

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of Mati (Abdul) Klarwein, a celebrated painter whose art has captivated artists, musicians, and actors since the 1960s. Revered by none other than Andy Warhol himself, Klarwein’s talent has left an indelible mark on the art world.

Klarwein’s artistic prominence soared when Carlos Santana selected his artwork for the iconic LP cover of “Abraxas.” Equally unforgettable was his striking LP cover art for Miles Davis’ legendary album “Bitches Brew.” These collaborations with renowned musicians showcased Klarwein’s ability to visually capture the essence and spirit of the music, creating a profound connection between visual art and sound. Experience the beauty and allure of “Good Life,” a signed limited edition lithograph from 1978 by Mati Klarwein. Delve into the tapestry of his art, where lush landscapes and captivating scenes come to life, inviting you to immerse yourself in a world of sensory exploration. Witness the extraordinary talent that has garnered admiration from both renowned figures and art enthusiasts alike, as Klarwein’s art continues to resonate and inspire.

Year: 1978

Medium Type: Lithograph  

Size-Width | Size-Height: 23” x 23.5”

Signed | Edition Size: signed in pencil and marked | 17/300

Unframed in Very Good Condition.

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Andy Warhol said that Mati Klarwein was his “favorite painter.” Indeed, artists, musicians and actors have collected his works since the 1960’s.

Klarwein’s work first came to the notice of the world when Carlos Santana chose his work for the cover of the LP “Abraxas.”. Also memorable was his LP Cover art for Miles Davis’ “Bitches Brew”.

It was probably the vibrant, colored landscapes and richly populated scenes that convey the process of drinking in all of the surroundings and sensory detail that are expressed in his work which attracted the psychodelic generation. His natural temperment led him to this hightened sense of reality, and his talent to express it so well and so compellingly.

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Mati (Abdul) Klarwein Good Life 1978 Signed Limited Edition Lithograph

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