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Julian Stanczak Sequential Chroma Original Signed Op Art Silkscreen (27/175)

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Julian Stanczak
Sequential Chroma – 1978
Print – Silkscreen   31″ x 26″ inches

Edition: Signed in pencil and marked 27/175

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A student of Josf Albers and a colleague of Anuskiewicz, Julian Stanczak is one of the foremost exponents of the Optical Art movement living in the United States today.

The ability to set up strong interactions of color, line, form and space has afforded Julian Stanczak the power to establish internal dynamics in his two-dimensional surfaces that in turn generate the maximum of visual energy and elegance.

Stanczak's ability to deal with these two basic visual activities, has produced highly sensitive surfaces that induce various perceptual effects such as vibrations and after-images.


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