Gene Davis Tom Thumb 1979 Large Fine Art Silkscreen


Artist Name: Gene Davis

Title: Stripes of Brilliance: Gene Davis’ Tom Thumb. Step into the mesmerizing world of Gene Davis, an artist renowned for his captivating and instantly recognizable stripe paintings. Emerging from the influential Washington Color School, Davis’s artistic journey propelled him to national prominence and played a pivotal role in the color abstraction movement on a global scale.

ndulge your senses in the vibrant masterpiece that is “Tom Thumb,” a large fine art silkscreen created in 1979 by Gene Davis. Be captivated by the rhythmic arrangement of stripes, as colors interplay and dance upon the canvas. Davis’s mastery of color and composition elevates this artwork, leaving an indelible mark on the realm of abstract expression.

Immerse yourself in the extraordinary world of Gene Davis, where vibrant stripes become a visual symphony, inviting you to explore the realms of color and abstraction. Experience the timeless allure of “Tom Thumb” and witness the artistic brilliance that has solidified Davis’s place as a prominent figure in the realm of contemporary art.

Year: 1979

Medium Type: Silkscreen

Size-Width | Size-Height: 36.5” x 36.75”

Signed | Edition Size: Signed in pencil, dated and marked | 250/250

Unframed in Very Good Condition.

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Known for his dazzling and immediately recognizable stripe paintings, Gene Davis emerged from the ranks of the Washington Color School to national prominence. Davis, who helped make Washington, D.C., a center of contemporary art, played a significant national and international role in the color abstraction movement.

Encouraged and championed by Jacob Kainen and later by Clement Greenberg, Davis enjoyed scores of major exhibitions during his long career.

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Gene Davis Tom Thumb 1979 Large Fine Art Silkscreen

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