Fran Bull ZOO BEAR 1980 Signed Limited Edition Art Silkscreen


Artist Name: Fran Bull

Title: “Majestic Encounter” is a signed limited edition art silkscreen by Fran Bull, created in 1980. Renowned for her remarkable wildlife and water-reflected images, Bull captures the essence of nature in this captivating artwork. The focus of the piece is a zoo bear, brought to life through Bull’s meticulous attention to detail and her sensitivity to the play of light and subtle tonal changes.

Drawing inspiration from photographic images, Bull’s artistic process involves a transformation where she carefully selects specific qualities to represent and create a whole that is intensely realized. In “Majestic Encounter,” Bull showcases her talent for capturing the majesty and power of wildlife, while also infusing a sense of wonder and connection with the viewer.

Through the art form of silkscreen, Bull’s skillful technique allows for intricate detail and vibrant colors, immersing the viewer in the beauty and presence of the zoo bear. “Majestic Encounter” invites us to appreciate the harmonious interplay between art and nature, and the transformative power of the artist’s vision.

Year: 1980

Medium Type: Silkscreen on Arches Archival Paper

Size-Width | Size-Height: 22″ x 30″

Signed | Edition Size: signed in pencil and marked | 11/250

Unframed in Very Good Condition.

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Fran Bull is best known for wildlife and other water-reflected images such as boats sailing down a river, sculpture reflected in a pond and buildings mirrored in lakes. Each of her paintings contain subtle tonal changes remarkably sensitive to the light source, usually the sun, and each image also involves the monumentous task of having to create perspective in a moving flow of water.

Like many other Photorealist artists, Bull begins with photographic images as the source of her inspiration.

“I look for qualities in a photograph, which will give rise to any number of painting possibilities. A transformation occurs in the process of focusing on the parts of a photographic image, and then. by means of art, representing these parts. In general Photo-Realism, and particularly what I do, deals intimately with building a whole from intensely realized parts.”

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Fran Bull ZOO BEAR 1980 Signed Limited Edition Art Silkscreen

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