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Brian Elliott 1969 Signed Silkscreen Strong Wind on Long Island

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Brian Elliott
Strong Wind On Long Isalnd– 1969
Print – Silkscreen on Heavy Paper   24'' x 30'' in.
Edition: Signed in Pencil, titled and marked 16/20

hand printed by the artist

These vintage 1960s prints by artist Brian Elliott, capture the essence of the 'mod', 'swinging 60s' and demonstrate a love for and technical command of the caricature style.

Though childlike and simplistic in form, each of these charming prints provides the essential details that captures the mood of each subject.

Whether a brooding artist or a carefree young woman on the street, Brian Elliott finds, and then refines, a simple truth within each of his subjects; sometimes funny, at others scathingly satirical.

These vibrant prints make up a series that amuse the eye and stimulate the heart.

Mr. Elliott's works can be found in the Collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

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