Birgit Skiold Sea Fruit 1970 Signed Original Limited Edition Art Etching


Artist Name: Birgit Skiold

Title: Birgit Skiold Sea Fruit 1970: Signed Original Limited Edition Art Etching.

The artwork at hand, “Sea Fruit 1970,” is a signed original limited edition art etching by Birgit Skiøld. This exquisite piece showcases her mastery of the etching technique and her unique artistic vision. With a focus on the theme of sea fruit, Skiøld invites viewers to explore the beauty and mystery of the ocean’s bounty through her evocative interpretation.

Skiøld’s artistic achievements have earned her a prominent place in major public collections across Britain, Europe, and the United States. Her fine etchings continue to captivate art enthusiasts and are recognized for their enduring appeal and artistic merit.

Year: 1970

Medium Type: etching, soft ground on T.H. Saunders paper

Size-Width | Size-Height: 23” x 30½”

Signed | Edition Size: signed in pencil and marked | 6/25

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The name Birgit Skiøld is quite well known as an internationally renown Grand Prize for printmaking. But she herself was also a well-regarded Swedish woman artist, printmaker, painter and photographer well ahead of her time. She played a significant and lasting role in the development of British printmaking beginning in the 1950s when she founded of one of the first printmaking workshops in Britain. Later Skiøld was a founding member of the UK Printmakers Council (1965).

These achievements however should not overshadow Skiøld’s work itself. Her original prints according to current reviews, ‘are freshly abstract and mysteriously simple.’ This formal simplicity is quite welcome to eyes made weary by the age of visual saturation. Herein lies the essence of Skiold’s artistic talent.

Her fine etchings are now included in many major public collections in Britain, Europe and the United States.

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Birgit Skiold Sea Fruit 1970 Signed Original Limited Edition Art Etching

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Birgit Skiold

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Limited Edition

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