Warrington Colescott

Warrington Colescott: Exploring Society’s Paradoxes through Satirical Prints

Discover the extraordinary artistic world of Warrington Colescott, a masterful printmaker who fearlessly delves into the intricate interplay between tragedy and high comedy. With a keen eye for societal virtues and inequities, Colescott’s satirical prints offer a thought-provoking journey through the complexities of today’s world. By deftly juxtaposing humor and violence and drawing on historical references, his works transcend mere visual aesthetics to make powerful statements about contemporary issues.

color lithograph, 1976. Stanley William Hayter makes an etching
History of Printmaking: Stanley William Hayter makes an etching. Original color lithograph, 1976. Hayter is presented as presiding over a workshop of very busy master printers. (Not For Sale)

Colescott’s prints showcase his technical prowess and innovative approach to printmaking. Employing additive and subtractive techniques, he expertly constructs printed collages that captivate the viewer’s imagination. Through careful application of color using relief and spot inking, meticulous wiping, and stencil techniques, he achieves a perfect balance and density, resulting in striking visual compositions that demand attention.

With a bittersweet sense of humor, Colescott’s prints invite viewers to reflect on the paradoxes of society. Each piece is a catalyst for dialogue and introspection, as he skillfully transmutes screams into laughter with a subtle push or pull. By exploring the intersection of past and present, Colescott’s art provokes a deeper understanding of our shared human experience, leaving a lasting impression on all who engage with his exceptional body of work.


The prints show his mastery of numerous technical printing processes. Employing additive and subtractive techniques, the final result is a printed collage. He uses various methods to apply color, relying on relief and spot inking, careful wiping, and the use of stencil techniques to achieve proper color density, balance and registration.

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