Pauline Aitken

Pauline Aitken, a talented artist, emerged onto the art scene with resounding recognition in 1968 when her exceptional work caught the attention of the esteemed British International Print Biennale. As a young artist, Aitken’s distinct creative voice began to resonate, setting the stage for a remarkable artistic journey.

Throughout the years, Aitken’s artistic prowess has continued to shine, marked by a series of prestigious awards. Her dedication to her craft and unwavering commitment to excellence have been duly acknowledged, with notable accolades including the Arts Business and Employees’ Award and the Arts, Business and the Smaller Budget Award in the UK, bestowed upon her in both 2000 and 2001. These awards not only attest to Aitken’s artistic skill but also highlight her ability to forge meaningful connections between art, business, and the broader community.

With a unique artistic vision, Aitken’s works capture the essence of her subjects with depth and sensitivity.┬áThis series by Aitkin uses biological and chemical terminology as the inspiration for abstract prints.

These colorful embossed prints demonstrate a mastery of printmaking technique rarely seen nowadays.

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