Pablo Picasso

What is a Picasso Estate Collection Artwork?

In 1962, at the height of his career, Pablo Ruiz Picasso produced a notebook of images that demonstrates the greatness of his talent. Upon his death, Picasso left it to his granddaughter Marina Picasso.

Marina published the collection in 1980 in collaboration with the renowned chromist Marcel Salinas, who had worked with Picasso on the famous “Imaginary Portraits” series.
A master in the art of chromolithography, Salinas reproduced the images in this collection on hand-drawn lithographs.

This collection of limited edition works is called The Marina Picasso Collection. It is also known as the Estate Collection. To ensure authenticity, each print is signed and numbered in pencil by Marina Picasso and embossed with the estate and chromists seals, along with the legend on the reverse Approved by the heirs of Pablo Picasso.

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