Ossip Zadkine

‘Zadkine was a sculptor of Russian descent who spent most of his life in France. Le musee Zadkine in Paris is a house in which the sculptor (like Rodin) lived for a while. One is walking along a typical street, to find the museum down an alleyway, and through a multidimensional warp, where they amazingly take francs in payment for looking at stuff, just like they do in the rest of France.

It is generally supposed by the layman that Sculptors work in three dimensions. In fact every competent artist or art critic well knows they work in four, and even then, they use some of them more than once. Zadkine was no exception.

The sculptor lived from 1890 to 1967, during which time he did most of his best work. After his death, his work was projected into 2D, repainted and rebadged

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