Dennis Brulc

The Dennis Brulc Memorial

Curriculum Vitae

Born: Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1946
Schools: the University of Wisconsin MilwaukeeBachelors of Fine Arts DegreeJanuary 1969

The Vapour Dye process is a dry to dry, direct image reproduction process. Brulc prints directly with his airbrush pen and ink drawing , and he also synthesizes photo negatives and positives with the drawings. These images are transferred onto Mylar, acrylic, cloth and a variety of sensitized papers and metal foils which he has chemically coated–thereby offering to the collectors an unlimited number of prints, each at a high aesthetically controlled level.

Major awards… Wisconsin State fair art exhibition, for two laminate the hop or die prints on plastic, mounted on a mere finished fabric aluminum, size: 30″ x 40″. August 1968
1st Pl. award at the student art show at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee for an acrylic painting “Summer Landscape “1964

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