Barbara Kwasniewska

Barbabra Kwasniewska was born in 1931 in Varsovia, Poland. She studied painting at the Beaux-Arts Institute of Cracow, Poland.  Kwasniewska’s group, ‘The Group of Five’, many years later dubbed the Nowa Huta Group, was one of a few such groups, social-artistic in character, that sprang up in Cracow after World War II. What basically bonded these young artists was the atmosphere in their common studio at the Cracow Academy as well as their desire to oppose the traditional standards and models

She then moved to Paris where she was married in 1958. Her printmaking studies were under Johnny Friedlaender at his atelier.

She obtained Honorable Mention at the Ljubljana, Yugoslavia Biennale in 1961, and her work was selected to be shown at the Second Biennale of Paris. In 1963 she won first prize as a foreign painter, awarded by the Friends of the National Museum of Modern Art, Paris

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