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2 days ago
Iranian Stamp project #2 (Lions and Suns)

A proof of concept turned into a bit of fun, and an excuse to do some sound design. Based onSara Jamshidi's project on political stories told through stamps…

3 weeks ago

In 'Without Meaning' Flaxton has invented a language of abstraction that speaks to the connection between all things whilst emphasising their separation. View and purchase the collection on Sedition.

1 month ago

We Love Framebridge and recommend them as our Framing Partner. Contact us to receive a discount code good for any frame

1 month ago
Genius Club

Insane restoration 😲🤯

2 months ago
La Casa de los Cuervos

Ting prints and paintings are featured on our website

Walasse Ting
Sus pinturas ricas en colores obtuvieron la admiración popular y el respecto de los críticos. Las mujeres desnudas, gatos, pájaros y otros animales fueron temas típicos del arte de ... See more


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