1 month ago

ERNIE BARNES (1938-2009)
California African American Museum, Los Angeles
On view through September 8

Art historians have labeled Barnes a neo-Mannerist and compared him to Thomas Hart ... See more

1 month ago

Karel Appel 'Kool Luke Playing Hands', 1978

2 months ago
Canvas Arts

Another amazing restoration

An in-dept look at the entire conservation process

Credit: Baumgartner Fine Art Restoration

2 months ago
Alice Neel

Alice Neel (January 28, 1900 – October 13, 1984) was an American artist known for her oil on canvas portraits of friends, family, lovers, poets, artists and strangers. Her paintings are notable for ... See more

3 months ago

we like Framebridge

What’s better than easy, affordable custom frames? A whole wall of ‘em. Shop easy-to-hang gallery walls.

3 months ago
George Condo Interview: The Way I Think

George Condo was part of the 1980s wild art scene in New York. In this video, recorded in his New York-studio, the iconic artist shares his life-long love of...

3 months ago
We’ll take all of the new USPS Ellsworth Kelly stamps

We love these stamps

This year, USPS is releasing a series of ten stamps dedicated to Kelly’s work.

3 months ago
Iranian Stamp project #2 (Lions and Suns)

A proof of concept turned into a bit of fun, and an excuse to do some sound design. Based onSara Jamshidi's project on political stories told through stamps…

4 months ago

In 'Without Meaning' Flaxton has invented a language of abstraction that speaks to the connection between all things whilst emphasising their separation. View and purchase the collection on Sedition.