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2 weeks ago
Canvas Arts

Another amazing restoration

An in-dept look at the entire conservation process

Credit: Baumgartner Fine Art Restoration

3 weeks ago
Alice Neel

Alice Neel (January 28, 1900 – October 13, 1984) was an American artist known for her oil on canvas portraits of friends, family, lovers, poets, artists and strangers. Her paintings are notable for ... See more

1 month ago

we like Framebridge

What’s better than easy, affordable custom frames? A whole wall of ‘em. Shop easy-to-hang gallery walls.

1 month ago
George Condo Interview: The Way I Think

George Condo was part of the 1980s wild art scene in New York. In this video, recorded in his New York-studio, the iconic artist shares his life-long love of...

1 month ago
We’ll take all of the new USPS Ellsworth Kelly stamps

We love these stamps

This year, USPS is releasing a series of ten stamps dedicated to Kelly’s work.

2 months ago
Iranian Stamp project #2 (Lions and Suns)

A proof of concept turned into a bit of fun, and an excuse to do some sound design. Based onSara Jamshidi's project on political stories told through stamps…

2 months ago

In 'Without Meaning' Flaxton has invented a language of abstraction that speaks to the connection between all things whilst emphasising their separation. View and purchase the collection on Sedition.

3 months ago

We Love Framebridge and recommend them as our Framing Partner. Contact us to receive a discount code good for any frame

3 months ago
Genius Club

Insane restoration 😲🤯

4 months ago
La Casa de los Cuervos

Ting prints and paintings are featured on our website

Walasse Ting
Sus pinturas ricas en colores obtuvieron la admiración popular y el respecto de los críticos. Las mujeres desnudas, gatos, pájaros y otros animales fueron temas típicos del arte de ... See more


We came across this interesting blog post about Surrealism.

Surrealist Prints

“There is this small thing in surrealism called the surrealist manifesto (okay by small, I mean that this manifesto basically brought surrealism into existence as its known today.) It was written by André Breton and it is pretty cool. I recommend you check it out if you like to delve deep into this kind of thing.”

More can be found on the blog:

A print is not a reproduction

A print is not a reproduction. A print, in whatever medium, is or should be made and conceived by the artist himself; he will have knowingly chosen his medium so as best to express his idea, and he will have supervised its execution at every stage. In certain cases others may have helped him in the technical execution and printing, but his signature on every proof is a witness to his approval of each final copy.”

– Julian Trevelyan; master print artist.