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2 weeks ago
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3 weeks ago
The Price of Everything

Very Amusing look into the world of ultra-priced fine art. Highly Recommended

1 month ago

Robert Rauschenberg - Quarry Local One - Lithograph 1968 - Original Vintage ... See more

1 month ago

Alice Neel - Alice Neel Mother and Child 1982, Signed Lithograph

1 month ago
The Case for Realism

The best explanation we have seen about Photorealism starts around 5:10. ( watch the whole video)

Examples of Photo Realism including pieces featured in the PBS piece are on Bright Colors
Website ... See more

What's the point of making realistic paintings when photography can do the trick? We look at the history of artists recreating the world as we see it and pon...

2 months ago

2 months ago
Paul Wegner Bronze Sculpture 1987 Constitution | Bright Colors Art & Collectibles

Paul Wegner Bronze Artist American Artist and Sculptor


We came across this interesting blog post about Surrealism.

Surrealist Prints

“There is this small thing in surrealism called the surrealist manifesto (okay by small, I mean that this manifesto basically brought surrealism into existence as its known today.) It was written by André Breton and it is pretty cool. I recommend you check it out if you like to delve deep into this kind of thing.”

More can be found on the blog: